Aliens in Las Vegas / The Abductions

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Faced with the extinction of their species, shape shifting, evil alien monsters descend on earth with the intent to mutate with humans. They choose Las Vegas as their destination, seeking to blend in with Sin City to hatch their plan. Little do they know what they will be up against when they cross paths with Cindy, a hypnotherapist. and Lucas, a mystery man. Divining their evil intent, it is up to them to turn the tide and restore balance. An exciting rol.


sidejob69 says:

nice boops..

mymiguel888 says:


tcw00 says:

This dude steady gettin ass lol

Raven Van Blizz says:

scary movie…but its lacks of creativity

spankfoam says:

this film is great, aliens , tits, everything you could ever want from a film, great script, great cast, nice humour 🙂

MochaShaka says:

HAHA! 13:26 A major Creeper. ;)

urb4ninj4 says:

1:12:24 very dramatic look :))

JayJA5ON says:

At the begining it reminds me of tom and jerry

NoodlesRGewd says:

the dude that fucks every chick has gopher teeth idk what these girls see in him.

niggasanders1 says:

this is super gay low budget shit

MyXxxmexxx says:


DeckyStrikesBack says:

you should thank Fearyon1,dont you think? He clearly printed that first and JJ04 just copy and pasted it.

TheKljovoReloaded says:

@JJ04253 thx

mauriciozuniga1 says:

the movie is tide

gielorlagarase says:


HeartBrokeDownBlue says:

this the one about elieon abducktions? kewl

ronrenop says:

very bad

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