BEST of the best UFO footage new rare and amazing 2012 share

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This is some of my favorite footage of u.f.o’s, I believe some are the result of Project Bluebeam. See channel for more amazing footage. AUDO: Motorcycle – a…


gemandgrace says:

UFO’s are real. I saw one like ten years ago. It flash 5 or 6 colors then disappeared;(

gemandgrace says:

Really good cgi!!! Gotta hand it to you. You should make movies;)

kerbygator says:

The guys flying the pyramid are definitely the illuminati. They kinda run things here.

Col Johno says:

top tune 😉

Rogelio Gazga says:

Sorry. I already said too much.

Rogelio Gazga says:

There was once a race of beings that came to Earth to collect water. They were not allowed to show themselves, similar to Star Trek’s Prime Directive. They are called the Anaff’i. These beings visited Earth for hundreds of years prior to man ma

Thomas Roblox says:

What if N.A.S.A. is just trolling or mind ****ing us….

Momong Indrajadi says:

^_^ ..finally US Air Forces has to be pioneer mastered of the UFO technology..look at the symbol at the UFO plane model when landing to hide (US Air Force-red).. ^_^

gabriel altamirano says:

Waist of time.. Get real people..!

iLSWx says:

Most fake, but still entertaining.

3DPeter says:

these are not ufo’s, these are ucgi’s, Unindentified Computer Generated Images.
Also these days it wil be hard to identify fake from real ufo footage, because with cgi almost anything is possible, so i won’t take any video for real unless i see an alien
fogg up the lens of the camera with his breath. Also those flying pyramids are just balloons that can be made in any shape you want in the next gift shop around the corner while you wait for it.

jarira ramos says:

I love the music I love the evidence some people are just lost in every day life open your minds

gowdaflow says:

I hate when people dub ufos fake just for the hell of it or simply cause they cant explain it. A ufo as stated before is an unidentified flying object. Great video, thanks for posting.

J Mallett says:

UFO means unidentified flying object. If this individual doesn’t know what it is, then UFO is the best description. It could be man made, but the general public will have no info on it.

zakeycom says:

BEST of the best ?
This is just FAKE $hit .

Michael Scott says:

The song’s bad ass, the footage is all bad ass and the possibility that this shit is real is bad ass!

nine0rstudios says:

4:30 its a flying cake
 no its a lie >:O

Richard Miller says:

How can I find out more about the sources or more information on the last two clips in this compilation. The (Chinese teleportation video) or (Being of light?) Also the “human looking” winged insect at the end. They would be very difficult to fake.

manuel idarraga says:

the one at 6:30 was awesome i don’t care if it was real or fake

ElliG212 says:

this is all fake sorry

Arbaelo3 says:

There is NO UFO..thy r man made nxt generation flying weapons u fools…

izabela bien says:

chinese teleportation video, it went viral in china really fast a few weeks before I made this video and included it in.

ChronologyQuest says:

What is the source of the video that spans from about 6:30 to 7:20? thx

creepyrat1 says:

Awesome job on the millennium falcon at the end.

paula bulcroft says:

i believe when i see with my own eyes 🙂 ive never seen.

paula bulcroft says:

ufo doesnt mean alien, just means we dont know wtf it is 🙂
yes there are millions of hoax films out there, but i believe we are not alone.

anthony M says:

I can see that perhaps that last ship that is shown in the video could be part of the Bluebeam project…I have never seen running lights like that unless it was on a manmade object like a plane or helicopter.

anthony M says:

What clues or facts do you have to support this being part of project BlueBeam? I know that was the whole purpose of putting up the satellites to project holographic images, but do you have proof thats what it might be, or at least some of it?

senerath123 says:

masterchief where are u ????

sickothebull says:

Wow! ;)

TheBull448ufogazer26 says:

Wow!! Thank you, and keep up the good work.:)

mrflipass says:

coincidental how the ships are in a pyramid shape and they say it was basically impossible for the Egyptians to have built the pyramids back then due to the fact that they had no technology/machines to help them i think they had some extra help

mrflipass says:

i believe

Truthseeker153 says:

Your incredible movies send me out of this dimension.

1SICKGLI says:

What is the name of this song

littledragon7ca says:

whats hard to beleave is that in the year 2012 no ever seems to have a HD Cam on them at the time of the UFO sighting. and in 2012 allmost every cell phone has a high rez cam built in !. thank you. happy hunting

sergio213la1 says:

I guess so

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