Daylight footage: UFOs over Europe

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In sharp focus and in the light of day, three mystery pieces of footage.


f549790514 says:

Sometimes, I seriously question why ITN exist… if this was real this would be all over the world on numerous news sites, not DailyMotion… Seriously, why do you make crap up? If it’s not fake prove it by making this more public around the world. Not going to? That’s because it’s not real. It is so obvious that this wouldn’t be so quiet if it was real – everyone who watches this needs to seriously think logically instead of being tricked.

matt1122334455 says:


Melchizedek5 says:

This is what makes a rare martian rock look irrelivant.

angelica213 says:

i wish i could give you a hug through dailymotion! btw anyone wannt to chat?? !!

ellad59 says:

,lool Superbe video merci ;=) . pdt que j y pense, n allez pas sur ce site, c juste pour voir des meufs devant leur cams:

Yannick Duchêne says:

Au moins le dernier cas de la vidéo est un fake largement connu, et le cas de la journaliste est un trucage trop visible. Et c’est une vidéo « Official Content » ça ? Official Content de chez alors.

anrajaaeiae says:

*.* Huhu Thanks for sharing 😉 . now i go to

mrmakemakkara says:

i am UFO

Steve Jan says:

Typical …. doesn’t see the difference or care even between real ufo and fake footage.

teknohan says:

turkey haha I am a turk and I have never seen this video sillyyyyy

anthony says:

i notice everytime i see these ufo vids, the ufo is always like a shadowy figure and u can never see details lol btw i have one of those lol

Shaper_of_illusion says:

of cooooourse they are! And the guy who posted this video even chose to classify it in the “Funny” heading… probably a student work or something like this

taco_taco_taco says:

you can see more aliean sitigns here:
they r real you just got to oppen your mined

joseph kertesz says:

that was a toy from shaper image!!!

chris2403 says:

fyi turkey is in europe and now they are trying to become part of the eu

Shaper_of_illusion says:

lol … Adobe after effects, Inferno, 3DS-MAX Studio etc … all this is sooooo naff and dated now. Moreover, Turkey is not in Europe.

ArtosWarhammer says:

B.S. These are all fakes; already debunked.

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