If You Dont Believe Watch This- Recent Mass UFO Sightings 2011

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1headphoneguy says:

May God help us all

Alexandre Metz says:


spaceshipidentified@yahoo.com palm says:

I have videos of presidents, air force officers, generals & astronauts all
admitting aliens & their space crafts are here.I know how to literally
bring the aliens right to me & I‘m going to do it as soon as I get the
funds.See the truth about the aliens explained better than ever before at
my free website alienspaceshipidentified Google search engine. I swear if
you read the entire website & watch all of the video evidence you will
understand the truth about the aliens.

(Sexy) Eyeless Jack says:

Sweet lord……

Saj Fan says:

I was always told this is the world of Demons (Satan’s Tribe) that deceive
and make fool of people?

DrunkCosmicObserver says:

I work in area 52. Hardly anything happens here.

eggsadilla says:

8:05 Looks like and alien. Two eyes and a large head.

enemay says:

I knew it I knew it I knew it. My gay neighbor was not the one responsible
for my A Hole hurting when I woke up some months ago, IT WAS ALIENS!!!

Darkstar 暗スター says:

We won’t let them do this. The government seems that they won’t tell us
about this, either. We may have to fight them, too. (Check bottom..)
We have to ignore our differences, and we have to overpower them, because
we won’t let them do this. We are people. We are one. We saw this world, we
grew this world, we used this world, and we may destroy this world, if we
aren’t careful.

Look into this. What the government is hiding from us. There’s always more
than what meets the *eye…*

QrayzHD says:

I have had 2 experiences with UFOs that changed my life forever, i have
never seen better UFO evidence online then both the Zimbabwe school UFO
sighting which involved 62 people and the Victoria Australia school UFO
sighting which involved around 200 people.

Kay Cee says:

5 years ago I visited my sister in Phoenix, AZ and one night I was walking
around this gigantic parking lot in her building complex and I had that
creepy, ominous feeling as if I was being watched and I stopped dead in my
tracks when I saw a triangular shaped air craft hovering above me WITH NO
SOUND and no movement. I felt as if it was watching me back!! I started
FREAKING out & about 3 mins ltr all of a sudden it took off faster then
anything I’ve EVER SEEN. STILL IT MADE NO NOISE when it took off into the
darkness. Fucking creepy as hell!! Your brain tries to rationalize and not
believe but it can’t be denied when its right in front of you!

John Curry says:

At 1:34 you can see the light is being projected from the ground.

Senne Baekelandt says:

wow moscow was a cool phenomenon

Statimtek says:

“That’s a UFO if I ever saw one.That’s undeniable ” Another typical non
bias, “professional” assessment by fox news. What a crock.

R.J. Artistries says:

H.A.R.P. ???

alejandro zunigga says:

What if those aren’t alians what if there humans from the future that went
back to the past to see how we lived. it could be a possibility

krazivaya says:


Juan Lemus says:

I believe these “UFO’s” are not other life forms but spirits in other words
demons. if other life forms were alive they would of contacted us. it
doesnt make sense for them to just be hovering the sky.

Mark Macmillan says:

The government and Muhammad Ali don’t want you to know the truth. 

exploremagic23 says:

Lol this is hilarious. I’m not a skeptic, in fact I believe that aliens
exist and perhaps they are aware of our planet.

But here’s the thing. We’ve developed weapons of mass destruction and we
have used these weapons against our own once before.

Now I’m sure the incidents in Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been recorded by
these aliens so they know how destructive we can be. There is no way they
are risking coming down here and taking over knowing we’ll use our ace in
the hole, thereby making the planet completely useless to them.

They’re probably observing us from afar watching how we progress as a human
race, like an experiment. They probably won’t get involved until at least
2400, if humans are still alive by then.

MrLuffy667 says:

everyone look up the mother plane and research it and you will understand
that these planes were created to destroy the world as you know and this is
the power of allah!

Senne Baekelandt says:

looks like a cinema projection on smog

SlayerMathis says:

I thought I told Pete not to stop on Earth! “No, I need to check out
Jerusalem!” CURSE YOU PETE!!!

Darien McRae says:

What if aliens have tried to come to Earth to take over…..
But this universe’s version of the Doctor stopped them

Jon K says:

The area 51 caller later admited it was a hoax but that doesn’t explain who
crashed the broadcast system and why

Aghanims Icarus says:

The universe is far too vast for us so I think there are extraterrestrial
life forms out there in space we haven’t yet explored 5% of our galaxy so I
think its still early for us to say we are alone…and i think we are not

Randomnick123 says:

11:25 Rocket, stage eject. Looks fun how the bright engine creates a cone
shaped light behind it.

TheAmazingGanoosh says:

if you believe this im sorry but china do have a form of holographic
technology this was probably a huge hoax just to scare people

Lewis Rhymes says:

First one, is creating sonic booms, only a few aircraft can reach these

Shilly Storm says:

We are going to determine that the ancient Sumerian text is correct
(pre-bible, before the middle eastern religions polluted the masses) We
arrived here VIA other worldly creatures who modified animals that were
already here on earth to create modern humans for their own purposes – Old
and new testaments are ‘resting places’ for the worried, restless human
mind, that hasnt been given proper direction by our galactic deadbeat great

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