Incredible Real UFO Footage Sightings

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This footage is from this year. I see some interesting objects in the sky. Make up your own minds as to what these are. Thanks.


251251abc says:


Mohit Panchal says:

this is fake video
becoz when any unwanted object like ufo’s are entered in our earth it will make very strong frequency and then all the electric devices are not work properly and make a disturbance in whether. but their is not happen ol this things

CheeHamza Kavkaz says:

its maybe someone with parachute???

LU cas says:


tsumetai7 says:

Dude. That palm tree’s fa… Oh wait! Never mind.

1demoon1 says:

блять,оно летает
нет,вы видели? ОНО летает

Nemanja Lazic says:

something like what I saw …. seriously

Nemanja Lazic says:

something like what I saw …. seriously

ormuz ariman says:

it’s just a balloon!

Manu Shamil says:

I think its a cesna plane or a star…..

ariyan edeman says:

This not real his have a background and flashlight so noob

moomie021 says:

I think its real

John Robert Ramos says:

i think this is a edit

jimvandamme says:

Yup, it’s a white dot. This is what a large spacecraft (like the ISS) looks like around dusk.

Mc Wrap says:

You love planes right ?

sedjetra says:

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la verdad sorprendida

NuVeaux Rich says:

I’m almost certain that extraterrestrials aren’t hopping in their ship saying:

Alien 1: “Hey let’s go check out that blue and green planet.”
Alien 2: “You mean Planet Earth?”
Alien 1: “Yea, whatever. Let’s go.”

I’m sure it would make the news of a UFO sighting. Not countless amounts of cell phone video footage on YouTube.

Guru Dutt Rai says:

it could be a weather balloon



Ivan Aheck says:

swamp gas

trangdung1978 says:

In here does not have ufo

Jamie Tingstad says:

You do understand what UFO means right? Because it certainly doesn’t mean it HAS to be a spaceship. So yeah, a UFO could be a special plane that looks weird, a star that looks like its moving, etc, etc. C: But you would be right in the terms of a spaceship.

German Shepherd says:


Jesper Phanthongkham Dürke Hansen says:


TheRedScorpion25 says:

If they were real don’t u think they need supplies to make a UFO

jhonjhon mendoza says:

wastinbg my time gago

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