NASA UFO Sightings

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NASA’s very own UFO sighting’s. A compilation of NASA footage from various missions and spaceflights with both mission control and astronauts reporting and c…


replyer01 says:

impossible because of your limited knowledge.(earth human’s knowledge)

QrayzHD says:

It still is beautiful..

flyersluver4eva says:

We had* a beautiful planet . Dummy

UniversalTrek says:

We sure do…  🙂

hakan ışık says:

” Ay Gözlemi ve Bilim ” facebook sayfasına gelinizzz güncel olaylar ufo videoları ilginç bilgiler herşey vardır …

ProfessorSalud says:

We have a beautiful planet.

123misou says:

Well, when UFO means Unidentified Flying Object I think those things shown in the video are IFO ( Identified Flying Object ) they are comets / asteroids stop being fools , life can’t exist in outer space nothing can allow it there , I mean it would be cool if we find any living species there but it is not possible at least not in our galaxy , if there are any living creatures in other galaxies how would they reach our planet if they were going with the same speed that comet in the video is going

123misou says:

I don’t not what is weirder the ” UFO “ or the green light coming from earth

BatFink614 says:

isn’t the earth just a kind of buffering recharge slingshot oasis station set in place way before the dust settled and some humans inhabited it from mars??

Puma5 says:

Thank you!

BatFink614 says:

satellites or space junk abandoned in space for who knows how long and space rock debris from previously existing planets or stars I would say Petr… but it all makes for a good cover for movements of a more alien kind ufo’s and reverse technology of captured outer beings ships/vessels ….I would say monitors and scoots!

UniversalTrek says:

Anything is possible …

BatFink614 says:

is it not possible that there are insect that can survive without or oxygen in space and in fact can grow to an enormous size with camouflage capabilities !??

Petr Urbánek says:


toys1321 says:

I love stuff like this

65rowan says:

We are seeing and hearing footage from NASA some people can’t see the woods from the trees or are to frightened to get passed the idea that we are not alone. Our beliefs and our world would change forever if the truth come out.

Andrew Sheppard says:

This is cool

ziggybad5 says:

Very Interesting.

UniversalTrek says:

They just might be…we have no idea what’s out there. Micro organisms would be considered life too..

Adam Archak says:

thay are microarganisms to me!!!!!

Haris Ryo says:

maybe it was a meteor or asteroid

0pnMnded says:

Wow, these are some of the most convincing images of space debris and reflections I’ve ever seen! Great job, now I know for a fact that space debris and reflections are real! I just wish the government would quit trying to cover up the existence of space debris and reflections, the people have the RIGHT to know these things!!1!11ONE1!!ELEVEN!!!

Даниел Стоянов says:

OMG!!! a giant hairpin at 12:25

ForLifeDisturbed says:

i know that feeling bro

Yong Lee says:

whoever reads my story may be thinking that i’m lying but i’m not a liar and i put it on every one i love that i have seen it and that’s it’s with my own two eyes. it’s real!

Yong Lee says:

aliens/ufo are real. i believe so, because i seen a big merry-go-round-like kind of object when i went camping on one of the mountains on Lake Superior 12 years ago. it happened around midnight when i woke up to take a leak by a lake shore. but the one i saw was frigging huge, probably about the size half a US city block without light blue and white lights glowing on its side with absolutely no sounds at all..!

BrooklynPerson30000 says:

12:28 – isn’t that a bobby pin?

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