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SeriouS GregBBQ says:

Lol…the thumbil i thought it was Pacific Rim

mycarpounds says:

@7:30 Gauranteed thats a PIPE….!!!! Hopefully a PEACE pipe FFS….!

Transtechnia says:

Music is from Resident Evil 1 Original Score, by Marco Beltrami & Marilyn Manson.

James Guenes says:

Which museum are they exhibited/displayed?
Is it; Museo Maya De Cancun?

Maximus Desmus maridius says:

mad song! s if these artifacts are not scary enough haha, looks like these visitors fly into the sun and out from these drawings.

Dog37437 says:

dont watch this at night unless you want to scare yourself i havint been to sleep now

bamm86 says:

I used to work at a gallery that auctioned off all kinds of natural and ancient artifacts. I came across several stone sculptures from central america that looked JUST like some of those.

TheAannddy says:

murder is a sin in islam too,, that doesn’t mean muslims don’t commit murder – how many suicide bombings do we observe around the world by muslims? too many to count – & who are muslims targetting, for the most part other muslims (shiite n sunni)

i didn’t say ALL Mayan sacrifice victims went willingly

kadicel says:

Suicide is a sin in Islam. Also, the Mayans believed these sacrifices would bring back their ancient alien mentors, whether the person being sacrificed wanted to participate or not.

Don’t talk if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Thanks.

AdamSuperAC says:

Dont know the name or title song. BUT I can tell you its off the First Resident Evil sound trek from the movies 🙂

anvilofcrom says:

Even the people from other tribes who they captured and sacrificed?…don’t think so.

TheAannddy says:

a misrepresentation of Mayan sacrifice – they went willingly to their deaths and saw it as an honour to die, just as muslims see suicide as honourable today

akira sean says:

Yeah… it’s errr… 2013 by the way!

Miguel FR says:

La musiquita es muy pero que muy agradable, parece mentira que a estas alturas tengamos que soportar semejante martirio musical, mejor no acompañar con nada gracias.

MissMagica777 says:

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honey badger says:


Savvas Mylonas says:

does anyone know if these artifacts are real ? do you happen to know if there is an official site?

pierre-guilhem Lapeze says:

It’s ages I said I feel I don’t come down from monkey but from a flying sausage, seems I was right and Darwin wrong

truthbknwn says:

Boy, it makes you wonder of our current day “Greys” are actually ancient Mayans (and other ancient earthlings), who went underground to survive some prehistoric cataclysm.

Oh, and if you aren’t sure whether or not Christianity is also based on a belief in human sacrifices, watch my video “Was Jesus a Human Sacrifice?”

Carlos Correa says:

interesting to see a ufo and a pyramid on the same peace. Yes they are real.

Trustin Jesus says:

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hybriddyneguy says:

Just a lame trailer for a stupid movie !!! Don’t waste your time watching this lame piece !!!

durkas mutatos says:

Like if your watching this in 2013.

floylde says:

Whats the song named or called at about 4;00???

Big Weasle says:

they came with the water, in ice, they are terraforming the planet for a higher carbon dioxide atmosphere, more similar to the home world, mars, they are planet hopping towards the sun as the planets swing out of the warmth,
and while we explore earth, the real misson is to venus, ( make people look the other way, while the pre lim work is done, also known as reverse phycology.)
good luck

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