Real Alien Footage Caught on Tape

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Real Alien Footage “Caught on Tape”. The following footage was captured by two military officers while investigating a UFO crash site in 1982. Our sources su…


a0981278337 says:

Is that really

santara233 says:

Its not real

julius schmidt says:

say what du! if yo´is gettin a clear target like dis is, out in the open , then whay is yo not takin the shot homes?

Wiyahlola says:

HAHAH! OMG the alien’s like “ah fuck this shit. Nobody ain’t got time for this shit”

tamika PinkeezClub says:

People dont wanna believe its real cuz of the way the look and people are scared to believe that there are things out there that we dont know about and cuz they r creeped out..

tamika PinkeezClub says:

From the stuff i saw last night… ya i believe this is real.

joselunatikk34 says:

Its a person in a suit it’s fake

chazscarborough says:

“Maybe if i casually walk to the left, they want notice me”…

erpfanatic65 says:

A secret base named G-13 huh??? Rumor has it that there is some killer ganja by the name of G-13….

Joe Harrison says:

@Richard Richards. As Long as they want pal, any clip of an alien that is like definitive will always be branded as fake due to sceptics I highly doubt this clip is real but if it is the American government are laughing

crichardson594 says:

I would blast that bitch

Austin Burkett says:

Looks just a little legit

C Diddy says:


Richard Richards says:

How long can these governments keep covering this up ?

dwayners13 says:

If this really went down, I think the military would have shot this thing at first sight. I doubt the rules of engagement apply to naked aliens in the bush.

Slimshady2468 says:

Lol horrible CGI. Fake. You can see.

William Ryu Putra says:

well, it’s just a forever alone guy , who wants to do the harlem shake by himself

Jake Landry says:

Fake in mu opinion, just another stereotype alien

Cosmo Dookie says:

it was checkpoint-charlie.. checkpoint-charlie is the best friend f pedo-bear..

libraryquiet says:

Hey it’s Big Head!

velocityboych says:

Holy beep! That’s a beeping alien! What the beep!

Killstrike6660 says:

Looks cool, if it’s real awesome if it’s not then so what it’s still cool.

falloutfan30 says:

Were beeping a lot

emma lewellyn says:

that looks kinda real marshall : you need to look again i saw it real life and it was super scary

Sakura Kurosaki says:


NasugoYT says:

I know it says vocal data has been suppressed, but maybe at least put captions?

NasugoYT says:

Neat video, but if it were real, and I were a military person out with a buddy of mine investigating a disturbance and I saw that, I would’ve screamed “GET DOWN ON THE GROUND, DON’T MOVE!”

Rather, there’s no voice at all in this. No “You’re under arrest.” “What are you (doing here)?” “POLICE, FREEZE!”

Plus, the alien is all “Oh, two military humans with guns and a flashlight, I’ll just walk off camera slowly now like nothing ever happened. Maybe they didn’t see me.”

RepertMousik says:

O marciano ta com uma cara de : Ah vao a merda…

GimilsonofGloin says:

@Ace Winchester and this isn`t.

Ace Winchester says:

That’d be too suspicious.

MrThatOneFreeman says:

No, that simple means its evolved to be bipedal. Not saying this is fake or not, I am intrigued.

guadalupetapia1978 says:

Its real

worldwiderelease says:

“Your world is being watched. Your governments are being watched. Your conflicts are being watched. Your trade and commerce are being watched. Your tendencies are being watched, both by your allies & by those who would seek to exploit you.
In the future, should you gain a greater unity & should you be able to sustain the use of your world, the development of this discretion will become essential. For indiscretion is always exploited in nature…..”

unika32825 says:

If u saw a alien wouldnt u run

Julius Thompson says:

This video is fake, the alien is walking like a human being.

amakusa20 says:


lgutierrez0326 says:

That e-t wouldv’e attacked them

GimilsonofGloin says:

Fake. You see, the goverment would have taken down.

davewillow1 says:

How did you get this. If this is authentic you are not authorized to publish this. This would be my case in point showing Footage still up on YouTube thats authentic. We are not alone, don’t believe what your being told. When You feel safe to walk in your backyard at night and speak to another worldly entity without any fear that is the time when Those who are hidden will show their face

carly yates says:

That has to be real if it is then that’s enough proof right

CoolZoura1511 says:


achastos says:

An alien can not take a dump in the woods without being bothered these days…

IsItMyTimeNow says:

So this was a recording from 1982? Shit hot quality! Yet every video shot now-a-days capturing Aliens is recorded by a calculator…

Brianna Miller says:

I saw an alien video where the alien looked like the pokemon, …..MEWTWO!!! :O

JorgeBL95 says:

ohh yes my precious

Cavan Rawlings says:


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