Real Jerusalem UFO authentic footage

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This is different views sync up from different witnesses on the night the UFO decended on Holy ground. As to why it did what it did there is a complete myste…


Mveronikas says:

400 to 500 years ago, people believed the world was flat! I’m sure many tried to debunk it by saying they were there, and almost fell off the edge of the earth into space themselves! I’m sure someone sketched it out on paper to show what they saw! Christianity had everyone believe the earth was the center of the universe! It’s the same thing today! Religion won’t accept the fact that G-d has other things on his plate other than man! Grow up! We are not alone!

Mveronikas says:

The fact of the matter is that people are afraid of the truth! This may be real, or it could very well be fake! Either way, the REAL deal does exist out there, and we are NOT the center of it all! Are there people out there who really believe there isn’t life more or less intelligent than our own? I laugh when I see people try to debunk EVERYTHING! It’s almost as though people are afraid we might sail of the edge of the planet or something!

kamranzp says:

Perhaps three friends decided to create a hoax?

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