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A collection of the most genuine looking UFO sightings, I can’t provide you with further details on these videos, all i can tell you that they looked pretty …


TheMusicmemorylane says:

i never said aliens were stronger…more advanced? absolutely! how else did they get here? round ships? not always, cigar shaped, triangle shaped, all sorts of ufo’s, not only round ones!

Prodromos ZeuS says:

and tell me why alliens must be stonger than people and why they all have round spaceships?

TheMusicmemorylane says:

well… you couldn’t be more accurate my friend, the 2nd world war in my book speeded things up for real, the whole Ufo madness became real big in the mid 40’s, project paperclip nazi scientists became part of the war machine, no wonder America is the most strongest nation in the world right now….sponsered by nazi germany, look at US troopers…they even wear ww2 german type helmets…i shit you not, West point students also learn Blitzkrieg tactics…if you copy…copy from the best..well

SwaggerXDBoii says:

u guys do know some of this stuff is made form The Nazi’s

Lynsey Cale says:

The one at 5:50 looks like something is dripping, falling out of the ufo. Then something explodes and falls to earth. I’d have gone looking for evidence!

TheMusicmemorylane says:

Thanks Boyar, it is my pleasure!

BoyarTactics says:

Glad to see that the truth comes out 🙂 good job mate

jjmartinez0032 says:

one of those where a meteor that hit russia

Dale Shrimpton says:

why have the soviet meteor footage in that lot? Those were Identified objects.

Craine Hood says:

e one at 3:12 i thought was going directly towards the camera person lol I was like “You’re Fucked.”

SuperFlyingPotatoe says:

How would you feel if I told you some of these were. . . government made?

terryjohn says:

here his a Answer,,why don’t they use sepia mode or enblaze the cameras lighting.when filmin these triangles..PLEASE will somebody do this for Once..
for Terry UK

TheFennell92 says:

Reminded me of the district 9 mothership

edfeltch says:

The first one shows a “nuts &bolts” ufo.The glint from the sun as it takes off is thrilling to me.

TheMusicmemorylane says:

aha… and you are not alone in this, so many airline pilots saw crazy stuff…but kept it to themselves, the crew doesn’t even report this anymore, they fear discharge, after they retire they all come clean at a certain point, just ask them…they will tell you all you need to know!

Jim Braun says:

That was pretty convencing. UFO’s have been coming here for thousands of years and there is absolute proof of that all over. Way to much evidence points to that. Myself,my kids and many others seen 2 over orlando on a very clear day. Aa a pilot for 35 years I can spot a plane when I see it. These objects I never seen before. So, here we all are, getting ready to have that close encounter. To much fake stuff as well on here.

TheMusicmemorylane says:

i always carry a smart phone with me…good tip perhaps!

TheMusicmemorylane says:

i agree…

TheMusicmemorylane says:

Thank you!!!

Nate Forstell says:

5:00 was awesome!!!

warhawk512 says:

Holy shit, I seen those Triangles in Texas twice! But they come in as a dull streak of light, then a white streak, and then inflates into a beautiful whitish blue almost umbrella top looking shape! Shortly after that about 7 lights appear then 4 fade away and 3 are left! It’s so scary and beautiful… But the weirdest thing is that air becomes so static, that is feels like there is a bunch of spiderwebs on you. I just wish I had proof! Fuck!!!!!

desertphilip says:

If aliens come I’ll happily kill them!!

Lividdactyl says:

Love the music in your videos and the sound effects. Really makes it creepy! Keep up the thrilling work

Expert GamingClan says:

3:40 that’s just debris form the comet

TheMusicmemorylane says:

Great statement, i wish there were more like you, thanks!

TheMusicmemorylane says:

seriously? when? do share!!!

TheMusicmemorylane says:

Wish i could go with you, seems interresting!!!

TheNzlmaori says:

At 4:08 I have seen this happen in sky’s over New Zealand before

Silver Dust says:

I’m going to the 2013 Symposium on Official and Scientific Investigations on UFO’s in Greensboro NC on June 29 and June 30… Timothy Good and Richard Haines will be part of the 12 or so speakers from several countries.. It seems as if disclosure is finally happening, without our own govt support. If they won’t do it, we can!!

cortezforever says:

If aliens come i’ll happy.

Šÿmbœł Śætâñįßt says:

Because the other 99% is US being Witnessed by the True Primary Citizens of Earth, to whom WE are the Invaders…

Hollin Vulnet says:

4:15 is sometthing similar i have seen.

Hollin Vulnet says:

That can’t be i actually have seen a flying object like this once and i have seen stars moving around in the sky may i die now.

Leontin Myntti says:

and how would u know this???

TheMusicmemorylane says:

Excactly my friend, the things we do see are 1 % of the total visitations!

TheMusicmemorylane says:

Thank you, greetings from Holland!

宣成 岸仲 says:


TheMusicmemorylane says:

Yes that show is real evidence….hahaha, do you really believe these debunking television programs? sponsored by your beloved Governments, look… i can’t say for sure this is real footage BUT, i trust even youtube more than your favorite TV show, trust me, they are a bunch of liars.

Milkviper x says:

the ufo video at 5:25 is fake it was proved on Fact Or Fake: Paranormal Files

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