UFO – Alien Cover Up

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UFO – Alien Cover Up. Newly declassified documents are providing the opportunity for a deeper investigation into whether governments around the world are eng…


LostForever201 says:

If they were doing something very Classified they would probably do it somewhere else because area 51 is not very stealthy and is very well known But also we have only seen what is above area 51 . But what is under the base that you cannot see .

Foetal SpaceUnit says:

John Lear is simply not credible… I wanted to believe him when I was younger, but he rants on about airplanes and suburbs on the moon.

5740yrut says:


khairul fikri ariffin says:

how u know? are u have another prove?

intelite says:

If you got to Area 51 during a weeknight at 2am in the morning you’ll see their testing. Stay off the desert as the dirt is soft and you could get stuck and it is very cold at night (high desert)

callum30001 says:

out of sync with the picture

coldblooded kidder says:

I wonder if there’s ever been a “suicide by area 51” ? you know, like “suicide by cop” just wondering .,.-D

daniel d martinez says:

Bad quality

Nostradamia says:

Americans largely overestimate the intelligence of their military, which is not surprising from sick, mythomaniac warmongers. There is nothing to be expected at area 51 or anywhere else for that matter. If any intelligent forms came on a visit to earth, the last ones they’d be interested in contacting would be the dumbed down military. Think.

abousos99 says:


Martin Bowles says:

Cool..! I never would have thought that. Something to think about. Anyway, It paints a really cool picture in my head. We need more thinking outside the box.

ALIEN EA says:

The best cover up is people who do not believe in aliens and believe only in soap opera and in what they studied at school…. History has teached us how many dogmas have been defeated by the truth (sun orbiting around the earth and something like that…)

ALIEN EA says:

Your is not a bad idea!… if you discover that – there, in Area51 – aliens organize parties for them and their family.. well: it would be an interesting new to sell to media 🙂

ALIEN EA says:

I think it’s – without any doubt – a secret place for covr up something or to move the focus from really secret areas…. Someone – in area51 – certainly makes research: many specialised technicians (paid by the Army) everyday go to the area 51 to work…

LostForever201 says:

Area 51 maybe a cover up for something else

Sincere Echevarria says:

Its a fact that there are other intelligent beings in this universe besides us.

youngmasterpete says:

I would love to send a camouflaged robotic camera into area 51. Solar panelled for powered with a live camera feed. leave it there for weeks undetected filming. too small to be noticed in the large desert and to trigger the sensors

museluvr says:

Very true.. a lot of things centering on topics like UFO’s can be disinformation to keep us continue chasing our own tails.

martinasis80 says:

the whole area 51 base is above an ancient mothership, crashed and abandoned, area 51 is nothing more than a cover up for what is really underneath.
like if you know the truth.

pjwwp2011 says:

really bad upload sound and vision is bad

pjwwp2011 says:

just love the narrow minded asshole that believe there is no life on other planets but ours, Billions of stars and other worlds ,,sorry but I believe there must be

MrAkuma201 says:

The ships use a fuel call element 115 … COD black ops! D: But not bad thanks for the upload 🙂

crystalwind1 says:

I hope those guys at 28:00 filming at White Sands thought to test for radioactivity before they cruised around in there.

buffboynick says:

I was abducted in the past. The aliens did things to my butthole 🙁

armpitfuzz says:

So we learned that an empty shed is not the new “area 51″…. somebody found a lump of brass…. they have cloud formations above the ridge and cars have headlights !!…. REALLY

armpitfuzz says:

Bored 20 minutes in and nothing new !!

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