UFO-OVNI CRASH in Mexico 2013

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cadeere74 says:

Bad voice acting

Indisputable Evidence says:

whoever made this is a fraud. you’re only trying to further damage real UFO sightings you moron.

aligatorius aligatorevicius says:

its not a UFO crash, just some object set

yakfitguy says:

Titan 2 rocket launch.

Danny guzmn says:

some one was masturbating in the back

Kwasek2000 says:


Lai.S. Ting says:

that looks a lot like rocket launch.

EngineerFAGG says:

totalmente falso!

skysurfer77 says:

what is he? like wanking or somethin?

albert006676 says:

Sorry not a ufo.

Alex Haines says:

Exactly right, was going to post the same thing @ 1:05 as it is very clear… 🙂

Mike E says:

you know thats exactly what i was going to say looked like a shuttle launch to me probably the first time the guy saw it from that weird angle

Sergey Mordvintsev says:

Никакое не UFO, обычный метеорит. Намного меньше челябинского.

slashingraven says:

It’s an epidemic, I swear. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stumbled across a video rebranding a shuttle or rocket launch as a UFO sighting.

tang484 says:

This video is so real, its fake! 😮

kibbycabbit says:

I think we need to raise the age rating up bar a bit. ;)

Tony Alvarado says:

Damn good job!!

UFO HuntingClouds says:

fap fap fap

WoWSmirv says:

That is what it looked like to me as well. 

jango2468 says:

Doesn’t look like it crashed anywhere, more like a launch with MECO (main engines cut off) at at 1:05 and subsequent stage separation (2 boosters, prolly first stage dropping off). They use explosive bolts to achieve separation. Need a date and time to go any further.

Cheyne Simons says:

u r the only one thinking about that so who is the sickbasered a?

tat2miami says:

cool rocket launch

junkersbunkers says:

very poor

xxxxxMrCool69xxxxx says:

To me this looks like some type of space capsule returning to earth, you can see what appears to be two small parachutes deploying on each side of this thing. Not all space exploitations are known to the public and this event could be one of them. This is just my opinion.


lol…the comments are a thumbs up!

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