UFO Sightings of 2013 (September) Part 3

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Some of the best UFO footage from September 2013.


Steve Jeannette Samaniego says:

Looks like balloon

CoopSouth713 says:

Something so strange

Kevin Byrne says:

Particularly considering the number of astrophysicists on record as saying that the likelihood that we are alone in the universe is almost impossible……

MrDJtwista says:

Lol I like how she says a physcist guarantees that there is no such thing as ET. like such a thing could even be guaranteed…

Richard Probst says:

Starting at 3:10.. you can tell there was struggle.. how ironic for them to move straight into a conclusion. They say it wasn’t an ufo. What was it? They can not offer valid proof. I bet the war in Syria is allllllll fake.

PTZ870621345 says:

Timothy gay is an idiot. And on his website it even tells you that’s the views of the author. Not the National Science Foundation.

MegaVitor300 says:

Nice video like favorite 😉

Germaine says:

Wow so many people witness strange phenomenon in the sky and the USA is the biggest country that denies that anything is happening!

King England says:

that looked like a hologram very strange.

Perktube1 says:

Scientifically he can’t make that statement a true one. Some people think that science states that if there is no observable evidence for something, then it can’t exist. What science is really saying is, if there is no observable evidence, then it can’t be measured, therefore can’t be explained by science.

Perktube1 says:

it could be a balloon specially made for a prank. The second one looks like a bunch of foil balloons and some sheets of paper tied together. But I saw something I couldn’t explain a few years back.

Jackie Midkiff says:

Both Balloons! First is Weather balloon with strobe to give pilots warning, second is just a bunch of toy latex balloons tied together.

Thomas Eames says:

Before you go calling others a loser, step back and add yourself to that category when it comes to your bullshit posting of videos that certainly were not taken even close to September of 2013, and by adding phony afghan or arab commentators that hide the actual date of the video and take credit for it! and your replys are reflective of your actual intellect, so best take up a different hobby because true researchers dont like your kind disrupting the truth.

DuelingBongos says:

Prof. Timothy Gay from UNL Physics Dept. says “he can guaranty extra-terrestrials do not exist.”
Wow! Such a definitive statement.
Over 100 billion galaxies in the Universe and no life in any of them but right here on little ol’ planet Earth. “Guarantied”!
Not exactly the model for “scientific objectivity and open-mindedness.”
Prof. Gay must be well-paid for his opinion.

Sweetcheeks79110 says:

That last one was bizarre

UFOpedjalexUFO says:

baloon in turk

lee michael staniforth says:

It’s a balloon

Miguel Monteiro says:

I saw the exact same ligth in Lisbon

Xaminer003 says:

if you give me a fighter jet I will use my camera to go and “get closer”

MisterMachine1977 says:

Hi loser:) Saw you have 1 subscriber and all you do is hate on peoples videos. Do us all a favor and go back to sucking your moms dick. It’s all your good at.

dennis Swangchaeng says:

Who give a Fuck!!

LocalDogRescue says:

Whats the name of the professor “Timothy ? something” (can’t make out what she says) who can “guarantee” that extraterrestrials do not exist? I’d definitely like to know how he can guarantee that given that no one else on earth can.

arl endor says:

there was no way to get any closer to this thing? i guess if they did get closer we would see what it is and they would have no interesting “the truth is out there” news for us before the weather.

MisterMachine1977 says:

A UFO taking off.

fhaquuu says:

What is the second one all bout

Melanie Aquije says:


Szigeti Jozsef says:


Jose Sabala says:

aliens are taking over!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

hom240 says:

Can’t really tell what they are. The second one was curious because it rose up like it was a balloon. But then stopped rising. Balloons don’t do that. Now a days I don’t take videos at face value anymore because of how good CGI has gotten.

MisterMachine1977 says:

Yeah. I finally allowed them. We’ll see how long it lasts.

pito garcia says:

First comment!

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