UFO Sightings of 2013 (September) Part 4

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Some of the best UFO footage from September 2013.


stephan sayles says:

The last one kinda sounded like a dirt bike accelerating.

otteliasb says:

Lol. ————> crop circle

grayzification says:

8:24 sounds like underground drilling.

theannuki says:

Poor Elk.

Roz Britanicus says:

Chinese lanterns

imWetter says:

8:48, i hear this noise occassionally. Long Island NY

MisterMachine1977 says:


steeven peeven says:

Dat sound!

jim sayers says:

scott, you’re fucked.

MisterMachine1977 says:

Press 1 for English.

MisterMachine1977 says:


Dat Nguyen says:

Toi la nguoi Viet Nam .co ai la nguoi vuet dang xem chuong trinh nay co the dich cho toi hieu .cam on

OBE941 says:

…leak own chemical weapons.America world aggressor!!!

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