UFO Sightings The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure April 29, 2013 Watch Now!

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Watch Entire Hearing visit http://www.citizenshearing.org/ Permission granted from the Executive Producer Citizen Hearing Stephen Bassett. The Citizen Hearin…


jono2233 says:

Why does the ruling elite cover-up UFO appearances? The Space Brothers & Masters of Wisdom are inspiring us to see the need for great changes – to end political corruption, the main cause of war, poverty, wage slavery, & environmental degradation. The world can work peacefully in such a way that everyone can Thrive. Contact with our space brothers threatens the ruling elite’s power over the people. // Google “Benjamin Creme + space brothers” for more facts about this topic & peace out now!

jono2233 says:

I too was disappointed to see the charge, but they have to make money somehow & many can easily afford to pay. Somebody will surely put the testimony on youtube after a few days.

Jo Soaress says:

i dindt even get the payment to work

shotgunstanbo says:

The back round music ruins it, sorry thats my opinion.

shotgunstanbo says:

John iam a huge thrid phase fan and its nice 2 here people speek.

chiswickbeasty says:

We all age my friend.

flunkie91 says:

Yeah at first you get into all this ufo stuff but eventually you realize its really convoluted and isnt very tangible. Religion is not crazy like this crap lol

Jason Davies says:

can anyone give an explanation why no other person other than government have seen a UFO, theres loads of corruption on making money from false stories. Until i see one myself i wont believe the internets full of wierdos

atube4view says:

Just talk and no action, as usual!

John Honey says:

missing the point friend your mind is stuck in judgement not in listen
check up on that,  what else do you listen to the sound, and miss the information

bob barker says:

I love Stanton Friedman, great man, great UFO researcher. Looks like he lost some weight and has aged, but nevertheless a good man.

bob barker says:

UFOs are real. Are ALL man made crafts, even have UNREAL capabilities.

MrKingpleco says:

Busted by whom?

Race Hobbs says:

Rated Top UFO Channel by Who? You jackasses have been busted for hoaxing UFO a long time ago! Top Hoaxers?

Allstable says:

They’ve made laws, so we can obey them.
They’ve made money and weapons, so they can control us.
They’ve made up stories and lies, to keep the valuable info for themselves.

Now they’re trying to fill the filthy holes, pretending to play on the side of the people.

They’re playing cat and mouse. It’s easy to see whom’s the fat cat and whom’s the mouse.

Democracy and freedom of information act is just a paper illusion.

Bilderbergers own this planet!
New World Order? Nah, it’s very old!

Allstable says:

Is this it? Some fat fucker of a congressman, not able of speaking his native language very well, because he’s got some wobbling irregularities down his cheeseburger eatin’ tripple whoopee belly and a head made out of pork chops.

Can’t you see what this world has come to. It’s made up of fatties controlling congress, politicians and even presidents. These guys don’t care about anybody or anythin’, because they’re so occupied and concerned about their next food intake.
Democracy – It’s a joke!

s3ph1r0th87 says:

Notice how with mainstream media when they actually do show ufo sightings, they only show the one’s that even a 4 year old would realize is fake.

kmitchem4 says:

wtf was that? thats creepy…its like it swooped by the mic and it picked up the frequency of the the entity…weird!

sid barret says:

The best bits if not most of it will be uploaded by ‘the people’ on here, disclosure will come from the people, no network/government is going to disclose this information,they heve to much invested in it. It seems though its going to be a drip drip of information but lets hope it speeds up a bit before we get hit with more distractions like false flag events ect… and I totally agree that this should be free!

meatKog says:

The traditional media networks don’t broadcast this information because they are owned by the massive organizations that do not want humanity to know the truth — nurturing ignorance by omission and disinformation is an effective mechanism for control. The truth is coming soon and things will change forever…

ladeene06 says:

Cameraman was hungry. Sounds like a stomach. Maybe his hand gripping the rubber grip on the handle. Those cameras are still a little hefty. Just saying.

marioc149 says:

Wuoo that was creapy men at min 3:18 !!!!

Ramiro A says:

Weird did anyone eles notice the shadow with the creepy growl at 3:18. Check it out if you didn’t.

444manic says:

Its really great to finally see disclosure on its way!!!!

edfeltch says:

Where is Dr.Jerome Clarke?He is without a doubt the most informed urologist.His opus,The UFO Encyclopedia,details many so-called explained sightings that were actually some of the most indisputable close encounters by police,military and civilians in the 1950’s &60’s.

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