Ufos Are Real!

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A video to document and share with others interested in researching or learning about the topic of UFOs about mine and a friend’s true life experiences with encountering a bright pink, pointed, vertical, oval shaped, UFO and other red/bright pink colored light orb UFOs in the Northern Nevada Desert, specifically in the Hungry Valley Desert Area behind Lemon Valley and Antelope Valley and also bordered by Golden Valley on the other side. Please contact me with similar sightings or sightings in the same area or near by for research purposes, thank you.


strongangelstar says:

Good video .. very interesting images .. this is the second time I have seen a UFO firing what appears to be a Laser type beam from out of its form. Nice capture.

Anunnaki Watcher says:

Please do not write negative comments, this video is meant only as an informational resource for those seriously interested in researching the topic of REAL UFO Sightings or looking for answers. I did the best I could with what I got in making this, the video was taken when a friend and I unexpectedly encountered UFO’s in the Northern Nevada Desert while riding dirt-bikes. I realize The quality of the video portion is poor but all I had was a crappy cheap cell phone with me at the time it occurred, I hope the still photos and commentary make up for it. Take it or leave it, for what’s it’s worth I swear on my life this is all real footage and a very real, very true story.

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