You Dont Believe in UFOs? Watch This!!! – Recent Mass UFO Sightings 2011

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UFO Video Compilation 2005-2011 AMAZING FOOTAGE! Real or Fake? It doesn’t get any better than this! Link to the caller calling back…


cyam407 says:

If it raining and a ufo comes crash!!!!!! It gets struck by lighting

Pulse589 says:

3:02 is fake as hell

Dibra06 says:

Motherfucker Ufo i make fucking hight right now

cory6266 says:

Okay, I’m not saying all of this is fake or whatever, but I’m seeing comets, sonic booms, a good chunk of this in NOT unidentified.

shawnfarand says:

worst quality camera and…what crappy video would be complete without the most-used, crappiest, horrid fricking music ON youtube starting and 4:52 (palm slap to forehead)

Supahwar says:

nice try guys

aphr0dite2007 says:


lakecrab says:

I do not believe in UFOs…not like Santa Claus or a fairy tale. I have seen them.

adolf Hitler says:

I like virgin vaginas

John Dewi says:

Houston we are not alone, the fallen one’s and their minion’s have entered into our dimension possing as savior’s!!! “Roger that”

thadaytrippa91 says:

ATTENTION: first off of course UFO’s exist….by definition UFO: Unidentified Flying Object…its a bird! its a plane! no its unknown therefore its a fucking UFO… Secondly astronomers have estimated that there are 100,000,000+ and possibly infinite number of planets(the universe is constantly growing) and the odds of there being other life are pun intended. wake up and read up! get your knowledge on people..X

Jairo Dávila says:

6:50 transformers are coming!!!

Bob Brown says:

I would wet my pants but I’m not wearing any *sigh* I need to get a drink

MarsResid3nt says:

sorry kidd but at no point was I agreeing with u , ok (:

bugdestroyer42 says:

a ridiculous claim requires a ridiculous amount of evidence, unless you just want insecure people to believe you. then have fun

PeppMatic says:

HAARP is actually a compilation of 5 different words, sir.

Chris Coppola says:

Ok let me just ask Why the hell would would aliens fly down to earth shine a big great mother of lights down on top of us. Then without stopping and making contact fly away again. if they didn’t want us to know they are there why are they lighting the shit out of themselves? It doesn’t make sense to me at all.

srusli says:

it’s ANGELS , not UFOs

ice0275 says:

What. Yeh.

Djean70 says:


Teddy Vandross says:

well done

dizkoteck says:

Most cameras have crappy low light capability, especially focusing. Its these goddamned UFOs that wanna show up at night


just attack the earth already maybe the avengers will come out to play lol

southportshogun says:


southportshogun says:

I think I pooed myself…:(

xNinjaManStudiox says:

lot of the ufo sightings or meteors -_-

Shaaz aam says:

your an idiot…. your sitting here bitching at me while agreeing with me

cynical1877 says:

I have seen this video over and over why do people copy the same videos over and over

C0m0rat says:

OMG a UFO!!! Forget the portable digital device I’ve got in my pocket that can record in 1080p, hand me that potato!!! As soon as I play this back on a 20 year old VHS player and re-record it by filming the television this is SO going on youtube!!

Yogie scott says:

Google “Project Blue Beam” & “HAARP” then read George Orwell’s “1984” then get started making your foil hat

Fresno4runner says:

Anyone know the name of the song that is in the opening montage about 5:30 into it? Thanks

Bourne De Laha says:

..if they’re really here, then we’re doomed. They didn’t came in peace. There is no peace between the higher and the lesser civilisations.

wsturner1 says:

Carl Sagan always said that our galaxy in the universe is like a single grain of sand on Earth.

milkmandan77 says:


lloydmc46 says:

We have no chance. Worm holes ,very good actor on the phone , or not . Big disturbence in the clouds has got to be a super massive ship entering atmosphere.

peggy gonzales says:

i found atlantis already

Jeffrey Brete says:

the spiraling light is HAARP. 🙂 go look it up

McDubst3p says:

I’d shoot one of those fuckers down just to see what kind of aircraft it is/was, and what in god’s name was controlling it…

ajenee7773 says:

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BeastLyScreAmo says:

A UFO? Let me grab my worst quality camera

lildjones1995 says:

Well lets get ready for ww3 humanity vs e.t

Joseph Urbalejo says:


ChameleonGrip says:

yeah people give respect not always when its due this song is amazing Also! you can use this to get this music on your ipod ==>


it is an ainvasion

CrucialVoid16 says:

wtf are u talking about?? watt other possible explanation could there be? like seriously are u that naive to not accept facts tHt the human race is not alone.. u my friend can not define the accurate definition of an alien b/cuz they are beyond our comprehension sooo educate yourself&& stfu ‘

Monty Lawless says:

that “white circular formation in the sky” is just a special type of cloud…I can`t remember what they`re called…

Shaaz aam says:

for the math impaired that’s 1 x 10 ^18th power habitable planets in the universe….and that’s assuming all life must have the conditions that earth does and the organic chemical background that we do…. which has already been proven to not be a universal fact…. scientists have created synthetic silicon organisms already.

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